Photo credit: Irene Pérez

Noisense is the brainchild of bass player and producer Luis Gallardo.

In the nineties and noughties, Gallardo played bass guitar with some of the best musicians in the South of Spain. He has shared the stage with Juan Carlos Rodríguez Solla (Perdido008), Miguel Domínguez (La Vieja Senda), Tony Romero (Chambao), Enrique Oliver, José Luis Gómez and Luc De Block, among others.

After a karmic voyage around Nepal, he decided to quit the bands he was in to concentrate in his own music with an electronic project, Noisense. A Path With A Heart was Noisense’s first outcome. Spring in January, recently released, merges neoclassical and ambient electronica.

Writing always near the Mediterranean Sea, Gallardo’s compositions blend IDM, prog, jazz and classical atmospheres seamlessly and have a cinematic quality that easily becomes a soundtrack for the most diverse moods. A music that suggests as much as it states.