About Spring in January

Hi there! It’s been a really long time since I wrote anything here. As I said in my last post, this is a space best reserved to ellaborate thinking, and I usually express my day to day musings via Twitter or Instagram. Not a big fan of Facebook, though I make an effort to log in now and then. Many of my Spanish colleagues do favor Facebook over Twitter, and I feel alienated from them without FB presence. Well, that’s how it is. So far, at least.

After so many years of musical hiatus and pursuing other commitments, in 2016 I realized that life wasn’t getting any longer. That’s when I decided to not postpone my real desire anymore and began writing and producing my own music.

As a result I released a short debut album in 2017, ‘A Path With A Heart’. With zero experience and a lot of ideas, the outcome was perhaps too amateurish, although listening to it after a year, I’m not quite unhappy.

2018 was a year of musical transition for me. I spent the whole year writing new music but I knew that my producing skills were sub par. I didn’t want my next releases to sound anything like the first one.

So I decided to take production classes. I needed to learn the tricks of the trade and, above all, have my ideas contrasted and validated.

My first creation in this new phase is ‘Spring in January’. Still imperfect, still amateurish, still full of ideas. Well, I have to come to terms with it. That’s the way I am.

I wanted to write something intimate, simple in the good sense, and emotionally complex. The music I love the most can make me cry and laugh almost at the same time. That’s what I aspire to.

The main melody and chords were born in an impromptu session out of the blue, so easily I didn’t know if I was creating them or just remembering something I had heard and almost forgotten. If that’s the case, my true apologies!

‘Spring in January’ was written in a dark day of winter, one of these days in which spring is still far. Something about the music felt comforting; I could still feel the cold, but in some way it wasn’t that undesirable anymore. It was like if the music helped me to find acceptance of the inevitable.

I remembered then that my parents in law both passed away in January, though not in the same year. The day my mother in law departed was a beautiful, sunny day like an early spring visit. Instead of the ultimate paradox, I saw that day as the last of the many presents from a generous being.

This new composition is dedicated to my parents in law, two beautiful souls that left this world on January.

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